COVID coping in Los Angeles

Updated: Jan 2

Yes, we have been dealing with COVID for several months now, but it hasn't gone anywhere yet. Despite best efforts, people still get bored or experience coping fatigue. In case you or your family feels burnt out or in a rut, take a look at some of these. If you've already tried them once, try them while listening to music to have a different experience:

-start or work on a home project

-practice a sport or hobby you used to do or have always wanted to try

-plant something (seeds, flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits, herbs) in a pot or garden

-walk around your block each day (with mask) find something new to be grateful for or notice each time

-change your setting and look around (notice the architecture, type of plants, colors, birds, dogs, cars on the street, color of the sky, etc to give yourself a more sensory experience)

-meet a friend or family member outside (with COVID precautions)

-facetime someone

-practice making new cuisine or perfecting meals you like

-practice or learn a new language

-read about or watch something about another era in history

-go to the beach

-get out into nature and spend a day or weekend at the beach, desert, or mountains

-do something thoughtful for someone

-get a new game to play, drive up/down PCH, drive around an area you haven’t spent much time in (if you live in Santa Monica, check out Silverlake or vice versa)

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