Dating during Covid

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

For those who are single and looking to mingle, Covid has presented some challenges. On top of that, people have highly disparate views on the risk of human contact and different beliefs about cdc and medical recommendations.

As regulations change regarding distancing, indoor/outdoor etc, options for meeting new people are not the same as they used to be and some of the carefree go-with-the-flow attitude may not work for people.

For many areas, masks cover faces, people avoid crowds, and the sheer number of in-person encounters has plummeted compared to before.

It is less likely to meet someone at a bar, restaurant, friend's party, work event, community activity etc from a probability perspective.

Some people opt to wait it out and hope society gets back to normal, while others are leaning into covid dating, often with the help of apps.

Many people relied on dating apps pre-covid, but there seems to be even less stigma about it than there had been. Also, some apps are enabling video chat features to meet the need and or facilitate singles connecting in a way beyond messaging.

For those who are proceeding with in person meetings, most are taking dates outside, where the risk for covid transmission is thought to be much less. Whether it's a walk, grabbing a tea, coffee, ice cream, chatting, or doing an athletic activity, people are more likely to meet a date during the day. This may have some adventages. Each person learn about the other in a more day-to-day, non-nightlife atmosphere. Some people use substances while on dates, which could cloud judgment or feel a pressure or expectation to behave a certain way at a bar or restaurant.

After a first date, in which both parties are interested, there are many potential next steps. Some continue with a few more distance dates. Some run to get tested and isolate while awaiting results then plan a more close contact and others may not wait until a second date to get closer. It might make sense to think about your level of comfort with different options before going on a date. Thinking about your level of medical risk, people you are around and their risk, and your overall comfort with physical contact when dating (even outside of covid) can help one determine what approach you can best tolerate. When you have a clearer sense of what you're okay with, it may be easier to express with words or actions.

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